British MILF Jay has lesbian sex with her stepdaughter Gabie!

18-11-2022 49:23 386
Starring: Blonde Gabie (EU) (24) & Jay (52)
Synopsis: When hot MILF Jay got home, she noticed that her hot stepdaughter Blonde Gabie was working out on some of her routines for her cheerleading activities.

Fascinated by her beautiful stepdaughter, she asked her what she was doing. A little bit shy, the young lady answered that she was working on the split, but she couldn't get the knack of it. Jay saw something else was up and tried to get her to spill the beans. It took a while but Blonde Gabie told her that she was actually practicing the split, because her male cheerleader teacher wanted it for another reason. Turns out she was fucking him, although he was way older than her.

Not angry, but very understanding, the stepmom sat down with her and gave her the 'Talk', and said that there are many more ways to enjoy sex. She mentioned toys, masturbating and ... Lesbian sex. That got the stepdaughter curious, and she wanted to know more. Which leads to the ultimate question: if the young woman ever had experience with another woman? The answer was no, but she wouldn't mind learning more about it.

MILF Jay started, very slowly, to give Blonde Gabie some naughty advice and she saw that the hot young woman was interested and got turned on by the idea of two women having sex. Stepmilf Jay started to push the envelope a bit further and started to kiss her.

This made the naughty cheerleader wet and really got into it. MILF Jay decided to go further and very gently started to play with the young woman's pussy. Blonde Gabie got wetter and hotter, as she really got into this forbidden affair she's about to have with her very sexy and hot stepmom. She had never experienced this kind of feeling and it really turned her on.

This was going to be her first lesbian experience, and best of all, it was with a very hot and beautiful mature lady, who happens to be her stepmother. At that point they both really gave themselves over and started to enjoy each other's sexuality, even though they both felt that it was a taboo, a forbidden love.

They started licking and fingering each other. Blonde Gabie really got into her lesbian groove, and acted like she was getting better and better at it with every lick and stroke. Their tongues really got a workout from eating those shaved pussies. Jay suggested getting even more pleasure from their romance by using some dildo's she had stacked somewhere. Well, needless to say, they were a massive hit as they filled their wet pussies and made them climax together.

They both realized that this forbidden old and young lesbian sex affair was the beginning of something very special and would occur for many times in the future. But they have to keep it hidden, because no one can ever know how much these two beautiful women of different ages can enjoy each other's soft bodies.
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