Old man Goran gets to fuck his hot teeny neighbour babe Emily F. who fucks him like a maniac

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Met: Emily F. (19) & Goran (52)
Synopsis: Old man Goran is a farmer who lives by himself and hasn't been with a woman for a long time. It's been hard for him, but he has accepted his situation. Beautiful women are a thing of the past and only appear in his dreams. But sometimes dreams happen to come true and today turns out to be a day when a fantasy will become a reality. Oldtimer Goran is standing on his balcony, dreaming of things that might have been, when all of a sudden he sees a teen girl hopping around in the field below. She's taking selfies and he recognizes this beautiful young lady. It's the daughter of his neighbours who moved in not that long ago.

Her name is Emily F. and she's absolutely gorgeous. She sees him standing on his balcony and waves to him. It's been a long time since Goran has met such a young lady, but in spite of his nerves he beckons her to come up to his place. When Emily F. enters his room, she takes his breath away. She's the most beautiful teen Goran has ever met and she makes him feel like a young man again. Goran has been preparing a nice meal and asks her to join him for lunch. She eagerly accepts and they totally enjoy the food and each other's company. As it turns out, their meal won't be the last thing old man Goran and hot teen Emily F. will be sharing this afternoon.

After finishing lunch both Goran and Emily F. sit next to each other on the couch. The sexy teen has been making advances to Goran during lunch and he simply can't believe his luck. This hot looking teen is actually interested in him, an old guy who is way past his prime. However, this is not the way hot teen Emily F. sees him. She is fascinated by older guys and she looks at Goran as an experienced man who knows just how to please a young inexperienced woman. Emily F. is a horny teen with raging hormones who needs a man who will satisfy her sexually and she's confident that old man Goran can be that guy.

They start out kissing each other very gently, but soon Goran begins feeling up her small but perfect teen titties. Her small natural boobs and hot nipples are just waiting to be sucked and the old man wastes no time doing so. While he's sucking on her teen boobs, Goran feels himself getting hard. The thought that hot teen Emily F. wants him turns the old guy on even more. The horny teen is now ready for the old man's cock and she eagerly takes down his pants. She is pleasantly surprised by the size of his cock and immediately begins sucking Goran's big dick. The old man feels like he's died and gone to heaven. Gettin' a blowjob by such a hot young lady truly is a dream come true and his old cock gets hard as a rock as Emily F. keeps on sucking it.

This feels great, but Goran now also wants to have a taste of teen pussy. He takes off Emily's pantyhose and sees that she's wearing no panties. Her shaved teen pussy looks absolutely perfect and the old man loves to go down on her. He licks and eats that fresh pussy like there's no tomorrow and it makes the horny teen moan with pleasure. Emily F. is now ready for the old man to take her and she spreads her legs. Goran inserts his big cock in her tight teen pussy and starts fucking the horny young woman. This hot teen makes him feel young again and he performs like the young stud he once was. He plows that fresh pussy any way he wants and Emily F. can't get enough of the old man's hard cock. They fuck in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and finally doggystyle position. The look of this teen's perfect ass makes the old man want to come and in the end he shoots his load all over Emily F.'s gorgeous titties. The horny teen licks the last drops of cum of Goran's cock and already knows that it won't be her last visit to the old man's place.
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