Lesbian MILFs Wanilianna and Zara DuRose have a sexdate affair and it turns out to be hot and wild

24-5-2023 31:09 169
Starring: Wanilianna (46) & Zara DuRose (32)
Synopsis: Polish MILF Wanilianna is arguably the hottest and kinkiest MILF from Poland and she has invited her British MILF lady friend Zara DuRose to come visit her. The latter eagerly accepted the invitation and both women are looking forward to spending some quality time together. In the last couple of weeks prior to the visit both MILFs have been sexting each other and this already set the mood for a very naughty get-together. Wanilianna and Zara DuRose are both very much into other women and a meeting of these horny MILFs can only result in lesbian fireworks.

When Polish MILF Wanilianna picked up British MILF Zara DuRose at the airport, the women already made out in the carpark and they couldn't wait to get to Wanilianna's place. Zara DuRose already went up to Wanilianna's apartment and is now waiting for her lady friend to arrive. This British MILF is so horny that she decides not to wait for Wanilianna's arrival, but already starts to play with her hairy pussy. Her hot red bush shows that Zara DuRose is a true redhead and her fingers can't seem to stop rubbing her vagina. When Wanilianna walks in on Zara DuRose working her pussy, our Polish MILF is pleasantly surprised and immediately comes on to her lady friend.

They french-kiss each other and it doesn't take long for Wanilianna to free Zara DuRose's boobs and suck on her hard nipples. This is a lesbian couple in heat and the blonde MILF from Poland soon spreads her friend's pussy lips and starts licking the redhead MILF's pussy. Zara DuRose's red bush turns her on even more as she keeps working her friend's clit with her tongue. Zara DuRose enjoys every second of it. No woman has ever sucked her pussy this good. By now Polish MILF Wanilianna has taken off her bra and her slightly saggy tits dangle in the air as she guides her lesbian friend to the couch to start the next part of their lustful lesbian encounter.

Kinky MILF Wanilianna has put on a strap-on and Zara DuRose passionately sucks on the strap-on cock while rubbing her clit as well. This really is a sight for sore eyes and it only gets better when the redhead MILF spreads her legs and Wanilianna inserts the strap-on cock in Zara DuRose's hairy pussy and starts fucking her. They are really on fire now and after a while our British MILF puts her knees on the couch and presents her beautiful round ass to Wanilianna who uses the strap-on cock to fuck Zara DuRose in the doggy style position. This turns out to be an afternoon neither of them will ever forget. The lesbian MILFs continue to masturbate each other's wet pussies before they move into the 69 position and start licking each other's MILF snatches. Their raunchy lesbian afternoon comes to a satisfying end after Wanilianna once more fucks her lesbian friend's hairy pussy hard and long with the strap-on and finally makes her climax. Both lesbian MILFs had been looking forward to this kinky and lustful date for weeks and it sure as hell has lived up their expectations.The good news is that British MILF Zara DuRose will be staying for an entire week, which means that this hot lesbian adventure is far from over.
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