Teen Una Fairy gets her first lesbian experience from her Granny Teacher Izen

10-6-2023 46:36 246 Report
Starring: Izen (58) & Una Fairy (19)
Synopsis: Izen is a piano teacher and she's impatiently waiting for her female pupil Una Fairy to arrive. Izen is approaching 60 and she has just about had it with these young people. They simply don't seem to care about anything anymore and arriving late seems to be the new normal. She will give Una Fairy a good talking-to when she finally gets here. Truth be told, it's not just the fact that she's late for her lesson that annoys Izen. The older lady also very much wants to see the teen Una Fairy. Izen is a lesbian and she has a crush on 19 year old Una Fairy for several months already. At night she often lies in bed masturbating with her 19 year old pupil in mind. She knows it's wrong, but she can't repress these horny feelings. She has always had a thing for younger ladies and thinking of herself and Una having sex almost makes her head spin.

When Una Fairy finally arives, her old female teacher tells her off, but the beautiful teen is not impressed. Even though Izen is enormously attracted to the hot teen, it angers her that Una Fairy doesn't seem to care. It's time for this mature lady to put her foot down and show the young lady who's boss. She makes the sexy teen sit down on the couch and sits down next to her. Izen can be very dominant and she suddenly kisses the 19 year old on the mouth. Una Fairy is somewhat stunned, but this behavior of her mature teacher also arouses her in a certain way. Una Fairy has been with other girls before and those lesbian experiences have always been very nice. However, she's never been with such an old lady and she doesn't really know how to react. For now, she decides to follow granny Izen's lead and returns her kisses.

Mature lady Izen unties Una Fairy's blouse and lays bare one of the teen's boobs. She then puts Una's hand on her own mature breast and it's game on. Granny Izen soon takes off her own blouse and bra and strips off Una Fairy's blouse as well. Both women are now topless and the old lady eagerly sucks the teen's natural boobs and licks her puffy nipples. The 19 year old teen is overwhelmed by her mature teacher and it doesn't take long before Izen takes down Una Fairy's jeans shorts. The old lady is thrilled by the sight of such a perfect teen ass. Una Fairy wears a thong and her ass cheeks are absolutely gorgeous. Granny lesbian lzen puts her mouth all over the teen's perfect ass and takes down the thong with her teeth. Izen is so fucking horny and she can't wait to taste Una Fairy's teen pussy.

Sexy teen Una Fairy is now lying on the couch and she's stark naked. For mature lady Izen it's a dream come true. She finally has her favorite pupil where she wants her to do be. She spreads the hot teen's legs and sticks her tongue between Una Fairy's pussy lips. She loves the taste of the young lady's shaved pussy and keeps on licking the tight vagina. Una Fairy enjoys the oral sex and she's about to taste some pussy herself as well. Horny granny Izen has now taken off her panties and positions her shaved mature pussy on top of the hot teen's face. Una Fairy is totally into this old and young lesbian adventure now and starts licking the old lady's pussy. Hot granny Izen rides her mature snatch over the teenie's face, who keeps licking her while she continues playing with her own big pussy lips. After this hot facesitting action they start scissoring each other and both ladies can't keep their hands off each other. They finally sit next to each other and intensely rub each other's clits and old lady Izen and horny teenie Una Fairy manage to get each other off. It was the best lesbian sex the hot teen ever had and for sure she's not going to be late ever again. Hot granny Izen is already looking forward to their next lesson, because school is far from over and she can still teach her horny pupil a thing or two.
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