Older man Renato falls for his hot young Japanese tutor Ciel Tokyo and fucks her on the couch

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Starring: Ciel Tokyo (22) & Renato (48)
Synopsis: Renato is planning a vacation to Japan and would like to learn some Japanese words before going on his trip. Luckily, one of his friends knows a Japanese young lady who frequently teaches the Japanese language and momentarily she's also available to give Renato his very first lesson. Renato hurries over to his friend's place and is pleasantly surpirsed when his meets his female Japanese tutor. Her name is Ciel Tokyo and she's a beautiful young Asian lady and Renato is blown away by her stunning good looks. His sexy Japanese tutor also feels attracted to this older man and there already seems to be a certain chemistry between the both of them. Renato senses it as well and he's not surprised by the effect he seems to have on this gorgeous Japanese girl. Even though he's pushing 50, Renato is a handsome man who is still in great shape and get's plenty of attention from women half his age. It promises to be an interesting first lesson to say the least.

They sit next to each other on the couch and Ciel Tokyo tries to teach her older male student a couple of words. Renato tries the best he can and concentrates on the difficult Japanese words. His sexy Japanese tutor appreciates his efforts, but already has her mind set on something completely different than teaching these boring Japanese words. Ever since Renato stepped into the room she feels sexually attracted to him and these feelings only get stronger sitting next to him. Normally, Ciel Tokyo isn't into older guys, but Renato seems special and she simply wants to have this experienced and handsome older man. After a short while of teaching Renato she can't control herself any longer and kisses the old man on the lips. Renato is taken by surprise, but eagerly kisses her back. Within no time they are kissing each other passionately and are overcome by feelings of pure lust.

Old man Renato takes down the top and bra of his sexy Asian tutor and sucks her hard nipples. Ciel Tokyo has small natural titties and she moans as Renato sucks her small boobs. The Japanese teen is very horny and can't wait to get Renato's pants off. The old man's cock is already hard and Ciel Tokyo first licks his balls before taking Renato's cock in her mouth. She loves giving head and sucks his hard cock like a pro. His horny Japanese tutor surely knows her way around a dick and Renato enjoys the sucking skills of this Asian teen. The old man likes to give oral sex as well as receiving it and he soon takes down her skirt, pulls aside her panties and starts licking her shaved pussy. Ciel Tokyo absolutely loves having her pussy eaten and moans with pleasure when Renato inserts his fingers in her wet shaved pussy while licking her tight vagina as well.

By now, the older man is ready to fuck this young Asian lady and he lies her naked teen body on the couch. He positions himself behind her and when she opens her legs Renato sticks his hard cock up her shaved pussy. She's tight, but soon his cock moves up and down her wet vagina as he sidefucks his Japanese tutor. It feels great and they can't stop fucking each other in various positions. Ciel Tokyo gets on top of old man Renato and he fucks her in the reverse cowgirl way. It's old and young sex at its best as the old guy keeps slamming her hot shaved pussy. He finally gets the horny Asian teen on all fours and doggystyles her until he feels his dick is about to explode. Ciel Tokyo gets on her knees and waits for Renato to give her a facial. The older man finally climaxes and shoots his load all over the Japanese teen's open mouth. She tastes his cum and realizes Renato is the hottest male student she's ever had. If it's up to her there are many more lessons to come.
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