Hairy mature Gerda Ice seduces her stepdaughter in a wet old and young lesbian adventure

17-5-2023 43:58 322 Report
Starring: Gerda Ice (54) & Thea Lun (23)
Synopsis: It's been an exhausting day for mature lady Gerda Ice and it always helps when she can have some quality time relaxing in her bathtub. The warm water feels every so nice on her skin and she loves to soap herself all over. Already in her mid-fifties, she's still proud of her mature body. She works out and keeps her body slim and in shape. Her small boobs are a bit saggy, but she's pleased with her titties and her long legs still make male heads turn at the office. She also likes to sport a natural look and therefore she has stopped shaving her pubic hair a long time ago. When she was in her forties she decided to grow a full bush and having a hairy pussy has become part of her appearance ever since. All in all, she has nothing to complain about and is pleased with her sexy body.

A body that hasn't gone unnoticed by her stepdaughter Thea Lun either. The young woman is 23 years old, but still struggles with her sexuality. She has had her share of boyfriends, but lately she feels drawn to other women more and more. And it's the older ladies in particular that crave her attention. And ever since she met Gerda Ice for the first time, her dad's new wife has been on her mind. She's been staying at her dad's house for over a week now and she simply can't keep her eyes of her stepmom. She fantasizes about this sexy mature lady and at night she lies in bed masturbating with her stepmom's body on her mind. When she hears Gerda Ice taking a bath she can't resist and decides to take a look. She has never seen a mature lady naked and thinking about her stepmom's naked body makes her horny as hell.

When she sees her stepmom soaping herself, Thea Lun gets really turned on and starts touching herself. Stepmom Gerda Ice is unaware of her stepdaughter and doesn't notice the young lady behind her back. Meanwhile, Thea Lun lies down on the bed opposite the tub and starts rubbing her shaved teen pussy. She soon lets herself go completely and plays with her naked breasts and nipples while looking at her naked stepmom. Mature lady Gerda Ice hears somebody moaning behind her back and when she turns her head she can't believe her eyes. She sees her horny stepdaughter masturbating and apparently Gerda is on the young lady's mind. What happens next is something Thea Lun couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Mature lady Gerda Ice carries a secret that only a handful of other women know. Even though she has been around men most of her life, she also loves the company of ladies. She has had lesbian affairs before and every now and then she still craves a woman's body. So it's a very pleasant surprise that the opportunity to enjoy a woman's body now seems to present itself again in her own home. Her stepdaughter has a gorgeous body and Gerda Ice motions the young lady to come over. She's never been with such a young woman before and feels herself getting turned on. She asks her stepdaughter to further soap her mature body and Thea Lun loves to do so. She can't wait to get her hands on her stepmom's naked body and eagerly soaps those small titties, that sexy mature ass and finally that hairy pussy.

When her stepdaughter's fingers start playing with her unshaved pussy, Gerda Ice realizes that her stepdaughter will be like putty in her hands and she can have her way with this young lady. She makes Thea Lun suck on her hard small nipples before guiding her to the bed for some serious muff diving. Gerda Ice sits on her stepdaughter's chest and brings the young woman's head to her hairy crotch. Thea Lun needs no invitation and opens her stepmom's pussy lips and starts licking and eating the older lady's hairy snatch. It's been a long time since she has felt a woman's tongue up her vagina, but is sure feels good to Gerda. She also likes to experience the taste of a woman's pussy again and after fingerfucking Thea she goes down on her stepdaughter and licks her wet pussy. Both ladies totally relish this hot lesbian sexual experience and can't seem to get enough of each other's bodies. This satisfying encounter finally comes to an end when both women decide to masturbate each other's pussies and reach a climax. It's been an amazing afternoon that will stay in the minds of both stepmom and stepdaughter for a long time to come.
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